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XPENG lifted the cover on its new G9 flagship SUV at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition – and it looks set to be sold around the world.

The new G9 is only Xpeng’s fourth production model and is the first to have been “conceived and designed from the outset” for both the company’s domestic market and international markets. 

As a result, the G9 is compliant with C-NCAP and E-NCAP 5-star safety ratings and meets the EU’s Whole Vehicle Type Approval standards.

The G9 also meets EU 3R certification which requires a reusability rate of over 85% and a recyclable rate of over 95%.

Xpeng G9 Rear

“Our G9 flagship smart SUV represents a new level of sophistication with a global perspective, and is an essential part of our exploration of smarter, safer, greener and sustainable mobility,” says He Xiaopeng, CEO and Chairman of XPENG.

Oh yes, the G9 is a ‘smart’ SUV, as well. According to the company, the G9 incorporates the “groundbreaking” X-EEA 3.0 electronic and electrical architecture, the latest XPILOT 4.0 advanced driver assistance system and the new XPower 3.0 powertrain and supercharging system.

The X-EEA platform consists of a “centralised supercomputing platform and local control modules” and the internal software has been structured in layers for “faster development and iteration of functions such as advanced driver assistance, voice vehicle control and other smart scenarios.”

Xpeng G9 Front
The G9’s “Immediately Recognizable” XPENG X Robot Face

XPILOT 4.0, meanwhile, offers “full-scenario assisted smart driving from vehicle start-up to parking” and marks an “important step” towards full autonomy. 

The G9’s XPower 3.0 powertrain system is China’s first 800V mass production silicone carbide platform and, apparently, can charge up to 200 km in range in just 5 minutes. 

The G9 also gets 480 kW high-voltage “supercharging piles” which delivers a “superior safe and convenient charging experience for customers.”

When it comes to design the G9 incorporates “XPENG’s distinctive design characteristics with minimalist, superior and pioneering styling,” apparently.

The front profile gets the “immediately recognizable XPENG X Robot Face” with daytime running lights. The G9 gets two LiDAR units built directly into the headlights as well as a 5G antenna.

Puzzlingly, XPENG hasn’t revealed any details about the range, motor options, pricing, or availability. However, sources familiar with the company told Electrek that production might start in Q3 next year. 

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