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Nissan LEAF e+
A03 electric 4×2 automatic

The latest generation Nissan LEAF e+ has a bigger battery and higher power than its predecessor. With 62 kWh of declared battery capacity and a power of 160 kW compared to the previous generation’s 40 kWh and 110 kW, the latest car makes a great improvement in terms of the energy  efficiency. Like the previous version, the new LEAF e+ is also equipped with the e-pedal which allows the driver to control vehicle acceleration and deceleration through a single pedal and helps maximize the car’s efficiency by reducing reliance on the traditional braking system. For now, Green NCAP assesses vehicles based only on what is emitted at the tailpipe so the Nissan LEAF e+ easily gets the maximum points in two of the three areas of the assessment – Clean Air and Greenhouse Gases – as local emissions of these are zero. Since this is a pure battery electric powertrain, energy efficiency is also very high and the car easily achieves the maximum 5 stars.

More detailed information can be found in the datasheet.

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