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REE Automotive has unveiled Leopard, a new fully autonomous concept vehicle based on the company’s modular EV platform.

Designed for customers including last-mile autonomous and electric delivery companies, delivery fleet operators, retailers, and technology companies, the Leopard should provide impressive payloads given the vehicle’s flat floor.

“This concept showcases just one design application of our ground-breaking technology, one that answers the strategically crucial question of how to carry out autonomous, zero-emissions last-mile deliveries, which has huge growth potential,” said Daniel Barel, REE co-founder and CEO.

Ree Leopard 2
The Leopard’s Modular Chassis and Flat Floor

“Autonomous and electric vehicles ‘Powered by REE’ offer unsurpassed operational efficiency and the lowest total cost of ownership combined with full flexibility when it comes to integrating top hats in virtually any size, shape or form. We’re here to make the shift to a carbon-neutral future a reality faster and at scale.”

The Leopard’s design and specifications are the result of collaborative work between REE and “leading global delivery and technology companies focused on autonomous delivery and Mobility-as-a-Service fleets”

The Leopard is 3.4-metres long and just 1.4-metres wide, giving it a dinky 2.5-meter square footprint. However, despite tipping the scale at 2-tonnes and featuring 180 cubic feet of cargo volume, the Leopard can hit 60 mph and has a 50 kWh battery.

Auto Futures spoke with REE CEO Daniel Barel at MOVE 2021 to learn more about the company’s expansion plans and its modular solution.

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