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PAL-V, the Dutch flying car company, has appointed Mike van den Broek as Chief Operations Officer (COO). He will lead the expansion of the production and maintenance activities of PAL-V. 

Within Fokker and GKN, van den Broek worked in various roles and on many different projects that involved iconic aircraft like the Airbus A350, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, Boeing’s P8, and recently the Bell V280 Valor Future Vertical Lift. 

PAL-V is nearing the series production of the world’s first flying car, the PAL-V Liberty.

After obtaining the road admission in 2020, PAL-V is now in the final phase to complete the airworthiness certification.

Van den Broek will play a crucial role in the preparation of all the operations that are required to produce and service the PAL-V Liberty once the airworthiness certification is obtained

Van den Broek, says: “What intrigued me is the opportunity to work on creating a whole new industry that will change our mobility forever. Being able to use sustainable air mobility to go from any door to any door in the world is going to be a game-changer in our life and that of future generations. The PAL-V Liberty is just the start for us.”

He adds: “As a leader in Advanced Air mobility, PAL-V has the opportunity to be a dominant player in the world in this new industry. We just need the final push to air certification and the sky in is no longer the limit. It’s amazing to see how much work has been done already and how near we are in delivering the PAL-V Liberty to the market.”

Robert Dingemanse, CEO of PAL-V, comments: “As our team is growing to well over 100 employees, it’s important for us to balance the many young talents with senior people like Mike. He brings a wealth of aviation experience and knows very well what it takes to bring a new product to the market. We are looking forward to pushing PAL-V to the final milestone together: aviation certification of the PAL-V Liberty as well as the whole company.”

Pal V Flydrive
Flying Car Pal-V FlyDrive

Since 2012, PAL-V has been designing, testing and pre-producing the world’s first commercial flying car: the PAL-V Liberty. Last year it obtained road admission to drive on the European roads.

In 2021, PAL-V finalised its certification basis with EASA after many years of cooperation with the EASA teams

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