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Connected Kerb, a UK electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure specialist, plans to install 190,000 public on-street EV chargers, worth up to £1.9bn, by 2030. The investment will offer  access to EV charging for the tens of millions of drivers without off-street parking, and support mass market charging for UK workplaces and fleets.

Connected Kerb has installed 1,000 EV chargers in 2021, and expects to have 5,500 installed across the UK, with contracts secured for 30,000 more, by the end of 2022.

Under a new deal, 10,000 chargers will be installed on streets, in public sector car parks and at community facilities in the county of West Sussex by 2030, following a tender win by the company.

The rollout is believed to be the UK’s largest ever deployment of EV chargers by a local authority.

Each of Connected Kerb’s chargers provides a fast charge between 7kW and 22kW.

Dr Chris Pateman-Jones, Chief Executive Officer of Connected Kerb, says: “Knowing you can arrive at virtually any location, at any time, in any vehicle and cheaply charge your battery without inconvenience or faff is the reality we have to deliver to create an EV society. Our rollout of public chargers – one of the most ambitious the UK has ever seen – encapsulates that future, helping individuals and businesses to confidently make the switch to electric, reducing their carbon footprint and cutting air pollution.

He adds: “Targets are important – for an industry so critical to the decarbonisation of transport, we need goals to work towards and objectives to which we are all accountable. However, they need to be met with action. With deals confirmed for 10,000 chargers this year alone and 30,000 more expected next year, we are demonstrating that we’re getting on with the job and delivering the change that needs to happen – not just talking about it.”

UK Transport Minister, Trudy Harrison, comments: “Providing reliable and affordable on-street charging is vital as we work to decarbonise transport and level up across the country. It’s great to see Connected Kerb and local authorities working together as the Government commits £2.5bn towards electric vehicle grants and the development of EV infrastructure in our towns and cities.”

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Connected Kerb’s charging infrastructure is located below ground and installed once, with passive chargers that can be easily ‘switched on’ by adding the above ground charge point to match consumer demand.

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