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Getaround, a leading digital carsharing marketplace, has announced a pledge to have only electric vehicles (EVs) on its platform by 2040. Only electric and low-emission vehicles will be allowed to be added to the Getaround platform from 2030, with the company eventually phasing out all cars that emit tailpipe emissions on the platform by 2040.

Vehicles with an internal combustion engine (ICE) will no longer be accepted on the Getaround platform starting in 2030.

The company’s digital carsharing solution enables users to find, book, and unlock a wide variety of vehicles directly from the Getaround app 24/7, without needing to meet anyone in person, carry an access card, wait in line, or coordinate picking up keys.

Getaround is active in 8 countries around the world.

Karim Bousta, CEO of Getaround, says: “We’re proud to announce that Getaround will be devoted entirely to electric vehicles by 2040, and we’ll no longer accept new cars that emit tailpipe emissions after 2030,’. As governments and regulatory bodies around the world implement policies to accelerate the adoption of greener mobility solutions, Getaround is leading the charge to transition cities towards a more sustainable future.’

He adds: “We believe that our global carsharing community expects nothing less than for us to deliver on our promise to help make cities better and more sustainable. This commitment to a fully electric carsharing platform makes sense not only for our planet, but also for our business.”

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Founded in 2009, Getaround is active in over 850 cities.

The Getaround community includes owners – private and professional, including those who operate their own carsharing businesses – who share their cars on the platform, and drivers who rely on the cars provided for their on-demand mobility needs.

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