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As of today, NewMotion, the Europe-wide charging solutions provider, has evolved – announcing that it will rebrand, becoming Shell Recharge Solutions in early 2022.

This rebrand is big news – not only for NewMotion and drivers in Europe, but for drivers around the world. Greenlots, a leading North-American charging provider, is joining NewMotion under the Shell Recharge Solutions brand.

The new Shell Recharge Solutions identity will make life easier for EV drivers and fleet operators with a simple, easily understandable name that communicates confidence in supplying energy and technology. To find out more about the rebrand, Auto Futures spoke to Alan McCleave, Regional Manager UK and Nordics, NewMotion.

Charging Into the Future

“The decision to become Shell Recharge Solutions is aiming to provide customers with access to a global portfolio of EV charging possibilities,” says McCleave.

Alan MccleaveA name change might seem insignificant but, according to McCleave, the move will give customers and businesses confidence in the end-to-end charging solution the business is providing.

“Shell Recharge Solutions is significant for the industry because it brings all the different elements of EV charging under one identity – whether that be at home charging, workplace charging, or charging on the go,” he says.

“For individuals,” McCleave continues, “it means that they can have a clearer relationship with the business they are dealing with. This provides them with a recognisable brand identity for all their charging requirements, regardless of charge point location or environment.”

“Ultimately, we’re working to make sure that business customers enjoy an improved experience when working with other Shell entities operating in the fleet market. This will provide the opportunity for organisations to use one brand to support business operations across the board, from energy supply to charge point installation, improving communication and avoiding siloed partnerships,” says McCleave.

Delivering Together

The decision to bring NewMotion and Greenlots under the Shell Recharge Solutions banner should see benefits for all parties.

“It is great that Shell has so many companies we are able to interact with,” says McCleave. “Further opportunity to work with Shell Energy, Shell Fleet Solutions and ubitricity – to name just three – means we can cover a wider selection of solutions to meet all of our different customers’ needs.”

This wider selection of solutions is essential for the company moving forwards – and is one part of how it is aiming to make charging more useful and intuitive for all EV drivers.

“The key is interoperability,” says McCleave. “Traditionally, customers faced having to juggle multiple apps or cards for their charging needs, making it much more difficult to maintain an EV. Our focus is on making sure that customers will have the ability to utilise many different networks using only one app and avoid closed networks where they would need a specific card or subscription. This is part of our focus on making it as easy as possible for everyone to drive clean miles.”

The wider Shell Recharge Solutions banner also means that customers charging at home will be cared for, as well.

Shell Recharge Solutions Street

“Those customers that have access to a home charge point, for example, means we can offer this with clean energy and on-street charging solutions, all under Shell Recharge Solutions,” says McCleave.

“Ultimately, we can help across a much wider sphere than just a home charge point which brings us ever-closer to that goal of mass EV adoption.”

Expanding Around the World

That Shell Recharge Solutions covers Europe and North America now is no accident.

“This global presence is pivotal to advance the emobility transition and the much-needed acceleration of mass EV adoption,” says McCleave.

“This movement brings our European and North American entities into a global solution for the benefit of everyone, meaning that business customers, in particular, will now have a clear option which meets their needs across the two continents,” he continues.
For charging solutions providers, and Shell Recharge Solutions in particular, the job goes beyond simply letting people plug their cars in.

“Whilst EVs have been around for at least 12-13 years,” says McCleave, “the market share across Europe is going to increase significantly in the next 5-10 years, even compared to the growth we have witnessed up until now.”

“In light of this growth, our role is to help educate consumers and businesses, and by providing an easily accessible infrastructure, we are able to support them making the transition to EVs.”

“We already have examples in the Netherlands and Germany,” he continues, “where we have specifically supported the grid or the local authority to help people transition to lower emission vehicles, whilst also protecting the grid from being overloaded.”

This collaboration between the public and private sectors is essential for facilitating the growth in EV adoption.

“We have the tools that can help them – whether that be countries, governments or local authorities,” says McCleave, “and it’s exciting that there are many more ongoing conversations with different bodies across the globe to help authorities understand EV charging and the impact in particular areas or with particular use cases.”

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