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MOKE International, which builds continuations of the Mini Moke convertible warm-weather runaround, plans to go fully electric by January 2022.

In fact, from New Year’s Day 2022, customers won’t be able to order internal combustion engine MOKEs, apparently making the company the first legacy manufacturer in the world to go fully electric.

Deliveries of MOKEs are expected to being just in time for next year’s European summer. 

“MOKE going electric secures the appeal of one of Britain’s best-loved marques for many generations to come,” says Isobel Dando, MOKE International’s CEO.

“MOKE’s marriage of fun, personality, and open-air thrills will only be enhanced through the performance and silent running of an electric powertrain. We are proud to write a new chapter in one of British automotive folklore’s best love stories.”

The introduction of electric MOKEs apparently reflects consistent customer demand and the open-air is “only made more fun through the instant and silent power delivery derived from an EV powertrain.”

Moke Beach

The electric MOKEs have a top speed of 100 kph and can “sprint” to 55 kph in just 4.5 seconds. Power comes from a 33 Kw battery and the car remains light, tipping the scales at 800 Kg.

It has a 144 km range or enough “for 5 round trips between Cap-Ferrat to Monaco.” Charging takes four hours on a Type 2 EU standard charger – just enough time for a long lunch.

MOKEs can be ordered in right- or left-hand drive and prices start at £29,150 + VAT.

The MOKEs will be manufactured at the company’s base in Northamptonshire. Fortunately, the company will also receive tariff-free access to EU markets thanks to UK government grant funding from the Niche Vehicle Network. 

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