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SHIFTx: Future mobility in a groundbreaking new format 

The future is mixed reality – the future is SHIFTx. From a groundbreaking mixed reality studio in the German capital, SHIFTx will visit creative brands, forward thinkers, and innovative startups. On September 2nd and 3rd, SHIFTx will be in Berlin and in the whole world – a festival of ideas and a digital global platform. 

SHIFTx is Zeitgeist and agenda-setter and will be entitled “mobility meets tech” – illuminating topics like sustainable mobility, new urbanism, renewable energy, new dimensions of mobility, design and mobility. 

Among our top speakers are:

Auke HoekstraDirector NEON. Founder ZENMO, Eindhoven University of Technology
Alain VisserCEO, Lynk & Co
Imogen PierceHead of City Engagement and Integration, Arrival
Kirsty Dias              Managing Director, PriestmanGoode
Lapo ElkannFounder Garage Italia, Fondazione LAPS
Johann JungwirthVice President of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), Mobileye
Shannon E. Thomas Head of Experience Design, VanMoof
Jan ToschkaGeneral Manager Shell Retail, DACH
Sören Steckmest  Vice President International Sales, Arvato Financial Solutions
Clara Bowman General Manager, HIF Global
Paolo TumminelliProfessor of Design, University of Cologne, CEO Goodbrands 

From Alain Visser (Lynk & Co) we will hear why you don’t need to own a car anymore. Imogen Pierce (Arrival) will tell us why car makers are partnering with cities. Jan Toschka (Shell) will show how the transition to Zero could work. Clara Bowman (AME) demonstrates how Patagonian wind and sun will power your Porsche. Lapo Elkann (Garage Italia) will give us a feel for the design of the future car. 

Auke Hoekstra has been debunking scare stories about the shortcomings of electric vehicles and renewable energy systems for several years, helping the transition to sustainable mobility and living. If you have doubts about the power and potential of electric vehicles toward net zero, talk to the director of NEON and founder of ZenMo Simulations. Auke will have the numbers to make you a believer in all electric.

Alain Visser is one of the most influential movers and shakers in the automotive industry. After leading in different positions at GM, Opel and Volvo, he is now changing the way we think about cars and car ownership at Lynk & Co. After talking to him you might be ready to sell your car. 

Boyd Cohen is finding solutions to decarbonize transport through multimodal. With his company „Iomob” he is building a next generation mobility on demand platform. As a climate strategist and author of „Capitalism in the age of climate change“, Boyd knows that he needs to change the way we move quickly. We are sure: he will inspire you, too.  

Imogen Pierce is Head of City Engagement and Integration at Arrival, the company that is offering zero-emission solutions for cities and taking electric vehicles mainstream. She has been working for arrival since 2019, following work as Aerodynamics Engineer for Jaguar Land Rover. Now with arrival she delves into the world of future mobility and revitalises public transportation. 

Kirsty Dias is the Managing Director of PriestmanGoode, one of the world’s leading design consultancies specialising in transport and future thinking. She has been with the consultancy since 2001, following work with the Design Council and the British Council, promoting British design to international markets. Kirsty has been instrumental in developing PriestmanGoode’s concepts on the future of transport and establishing the company as thought leaders in design and innovation. 

Lapo Elkann is one of the bright minds of the automotive industry. The grandson of Gianni Agnelli unites the passion for cars that runs in his family with a love for design. One of the results is his most successful venture “Garage Italia“. 

Johann Jungwirth is certain that self-driving, electric vehicles, with the best digital user experience, are around the corner and will change the future of mobility forever! After spells at Daimler, VW and Apple the Vice President of MaaS at Mobileye is literally living the motto of SHIFT X: Mobility meets tech. 

Shannon E. Thomas is Head of Experience Design at VanMoof, one of Europe’s fastest growing companies on the course to redefine the future of urban mobility. The e-bikes are not only known for the integrated smart technology, but also for the design shown by winning various leading design prices such as the Red Dot Design Award 2020 or the German Design Award 2021. 

Sören Steckmest is developing payment solutions that create a smooth customer journey on a global scale as Vice President of Arvato Financial Solutions. Thanks to the comprehensive expertise of Arvato the growth into the exciting field of the new mobility is natural.

Clara Bowman will show you how wind and sun from Patagonia will power your Porsche (or any other vehicle, if you don’t have one). A lawyer by trade, Clara has made her career mainly in the energy industry. The General Manager of HIF Global was a finalist of the Female Executive Award given by Mujeres Empresarias and Revista Capital in 2019.

Paolo Tuminelli
Paolo Tumminelli warmed up by studying architecture, sped into design, slid into marketing, rushed through strategic brand consulting and finally landed as professor for design concepts at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences at Cologne University of Applied Sciences. The focus of his research is on automobility—seen from the perspective of a global consumption culture. On design and cultural issues he also provides advice to entrepreneurs and corporate executives. In between he has been—and still is—a commentator, author, speaker, curator and moderator or, to put it another way: a cultural entertainer. 

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