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REE Automotive has been awarded £12.5 million in funding from the British government.

The funds should allow REE to facilitate commercial production of its REEcorner technology and modular electric vehicle platforms, including engineering design, validation, verification and testing and product homologation. 

If you’re not familiar, the REEcorner system packages the steering, braking, suspension, powertrain, and control into a singular modular unit placed between a vehicle’s chassis and its wheels.

This makes it a completely modular system that can be adapted to any sort of vehicle. It’s also completely flat, allowing for more cabin or carrying space.

The £12.5 million handed over by the UK government is part of a wider £41.2 million investment in REE, coordinated by the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), a joint venture between the government and the UK’s motor industry to drive investment in low-carbon tech.

“These projects tackle some really important challenges in the journey to net-zero road transport. They address range anxiety and cost, which can be a barrier to people making the switch to electric vehicles and they also provide potential solutions to the challenge of how we decarbonize public transport and the movement of goods,” says Ian Constance, APC’s Chief Exec.

“By investing in this innovation, we’re taking these technologies closer to the point where they are commercially viable, which will strengthen the UK’s automotive supply chain, safeguard or create jobs and reduce harmful greenhouse emissions.” 

“With the opening of our Engineering Center in the UK in February this year, this reaffirms our commitment to the region and is in line with our plans for the mass production of our breakthrough REEcorner and electric vehicle platform technology,” says Mike Charlton, REE’s COO.

“The UK is an ideal location for a pioneering automotive company like REE thanks to the country’s commitment to vehicle electrification which dovetails with our vision of propelling a zero-emissions, greener future for our generation and those to come.”


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