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SHIFTx is many things, but it’s definitely not a traditional car show. When it kicks off on September 2 in Berlin, the two-day event is set to be a festival of ideas and a digital global platform. Topics that are shaping the future of mobility, like new urbanism, new dimensions of mobility, renewable energy, data driven mobility and design, will be in the spotlight this year. SHIFTx is part of SHIFT Mobility, a global platform that’s illuminating the future mobility ecosystem.

Dr. Hans H. Hamer is the CEO of SHIFT Mobility, which he describes as a ‘lifestyle, zeitgeist and agenda setter’ with a strong focus on ‘mobility meets tech’. It is based on three pillars: conventions, content hubs and experiences.

“SHIFTx is a mixed reality convention, that extends to the next level of presenting, topics, brands and products. From our mixed reality studio in the German capital, SHIFTx will visit the coolest brands, fastest thinkers and most innovative start-ups,” says Hamer.

Mobility movers and shakers such as Imogen Pierce (Arrival), Johann Jungwirth (Mobileye), Shannon E. Thomas (VanMoof), Paolo Tumminelli (Designer) and Lapo Elkann (Garage Italia) will offer up their insights. The likes of Jan Toschka (Shell) and Alain Visser (Lynk & Co) will show how innovation sparks sustainable mobility.

“It has never been more important to talk about the future of mobility and the dynamics of the mobility ecosystem”, says Hamer, who has positioned SHIFT Mobility as the up-and-coming brand over the past couple of years.

In 2021, SHIFTx  will operate simultaneously as a physical and digital global event. For those who can’t attend in person, SHIFTx can be experienced by registering at:

In addition, SHIFT Mobility we will host a number of international boutique events over the next twelve months including: CES (Las Vegas), SXSW (Austin), Salon di Mobile (Milan), Smart Mobility Summit (Tel Aviv), and Hey Hamburg (Hamburg).

With real-life or hybrid industry shows starting to re-open their doors, many company representatives and industry leaders are admitting that they have actually missed attending shows in person. Hamer is one of them. “Meeting people and talking to them, sharing thoughts in person. Teams and Zoom are fine, but in the end, people need people,” he says.

Looking to the future, Hamer explains what technology he is most excited about and what mobility will look like by then end of this decade.

“I am most excited about drones and the future of aviation, like Airbus announced the launch of a hydrogen plane by 2030.”

“In 2030 urban mobility will be completely different from now, a sustainable, zero-emission mobility with new and accessible dimensions of mobility like drones, autonomous driving and new business model,” concludes Hamer.

To find out more about SHIFT Mobility and SHIFTx, follow the link:

SHIFT Mobility (

Just don’t call it a car show…

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