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Sustainable Mobility – The end of the combustion engine is near. On the road to zero emission more and more carmakers are committing themselves to electric vehicles. But how fast can emobility do the trick? How can we speed up the process?

New Urbanism – What will the city of the future look like: connected, smart and digital or does it have to stay “dumb” in certain fields to gain resilience? How will mobility be integrated into the cities and the life of future generations?

New Dimensions of Mobility – How does the future mobility ecosystem look like? Who are the significant game changer and disruptor? Do we still need to own a car, or will multimodality give us the options to fulfill our everyday mobility needs? What are the alternatives to transport as we know it?

Design and Mobility – Design is shaping the future of mobility with surprising perspectives, groundbreaking architecture and smart materials. Learn more about the key role of design.

Renewable Energy – Do we need another option than electric vehicles to reach our goals towards carbon neutrality? Not only on the road and track, but also on the water and in the air? Do we really need Hydrogen, sustainable fuels or biofuels in our future mobility or is it just too expensive?

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