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In the last years, SHIFT Mobility has established itself as an innovative meeting place that illuminated the future of mobility. This year SHIFTx will go even further. SHIFTx (2 – 3 September 2021) will be a groundbreaking new format, a mixed reality convention, that extends to the next level of presenting topics, brands and products. SHIFTx is a digital global platform, a festival of ideas far beyond the traditional trade fair. 

We believe that the future of mobility is a lifestyle, affecting and transforming all areas of life. We discuss critically and highlight the most fascinating and promising visions and future trends. SHIFTx brings together critical minds, cutting-edge scientists, game-changers, inventors and C-level company representatives that jointly work on the disruptive technological developments, novel business models and products that will fundamentally change our experience of mobility.

SHIFTx will take place in Berlin and in the whole world. From our mixed reality studio in the German capital, we will visit the coolest brands, the fastest thinkers, the most innovative startups, the leading experts in mobility. All this will be delivered right to your company and to your home. Over 11.000 journalists from over 60 countries will be invited to follow SHIFTx worldwide. SHIFTx is Zeitgeist and agenda-setter and will be entitled “mobility meets tech”.

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