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The UK’s Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited (EAV), a sustainable zero-emissions transport manufacturers, has revealed LINCS, a modular, multipurpose lightweight vehicle. It’s been designed to provide urban light commercial van capability. 

LINCS has been designed in association with Saietta Group, whose in-hub electric motors will power a lightweight skateboard platform developed by EAV.

The LINCS platform will contain enclosed Li-ion batteries and become the basis of the new modular vehicle.

The vehicle has been designed and futureproofed for fully autonomous operations which will be developed in conjunction with EAV’s technology partners.

Adam Barmby, CEO and Founder of EAV, says: “The operational requirements for LINCS are both complex but also required a simple solution. We wanted to produce a multipurpose light commercial vehicle as a logistics platform to transform the way we move people and goods around our urban environment. LINCS, in its logistics role, acts as a fully dynamic ‘hub-and-spoke’ mobile depot vehicle, delivering EAVRoRo boxes to EAV eCargo fleets in various different dynamic optimised locations such as forecourts or car parks. This significantly reduces stem distances and increases operational efficiency within the last mile. LINCS will also be able to operate as a simple covered urban van or open pick-up or drop side.”

He adds: “The uniqueness of the design and engineering is in its versatility, packaging, light weight, strength and in the understanding of current and future urban cargo operations which we’ve already been successfully developing with our current EAV models.”

Nigel Gordon-Stewart, Executive Chairman at EAV, adds: “We developed and launched the EAV2Cubed and its predecessor the EAVan as the foundation of a complete urban Future Transport vision conceived from a blank sheet of paper. In a new, environment and resource conservation-focused world, legacy automotive design and engineering solutions simply don’t work. They’re too heavy, too big and, from a resource and environmental point of view, are just wasteful. LINCS is the next step in our programme which sees a complete replacement of legacy urban road transport with new, sustainable, zero-emissions, environmentally-friendly, safe – but extremely efficient – solutions for cargo and passengers.”


Oxford-based EAV was set up in 2018 having started developing a unique four-wheel e-cargo bicycle concept almost two years before as part of a ‘Future Transport Vision’ based on light weight, environmental focus and simple efficiency.

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