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BMW Group’s MINI brand has presented the physical model of the MINI Vision Urbanaut in a world exclusive at the DLD Summer event in Munich, Germany. Following the virtual world premiere of the concept in 2020, the model now allows people to experience this vision of future urban mobility.

The MINI Vision Urbanaut can be driven with automated driving functions. However, when the customer wants to drive themselves, a tap of a finger on the MINI logo brings out the steering wheel and pedals.

The user interface on the central circular instrument offers animation of the route and  additional journey information – such as visitor attractions and arrival time.

The interior of the MINI Vision Urbanaut also features a high proportion of recycled materials and the materials used are almost exclusively renewable and recyclable. 

Bernd Körber, Head of MINI, says: “With our eyes fixed on the future, we have developed an idea, with the MINI Vision Urbanaut, of how we can take the MINI attributes – as here, with the focus on the ‘Clever Use of Space’ – into the future of mobility and interpret them in a typically MINI way. It brings the user’s personal space into the car and opens up various possibilities for them, from creating an urban oasis to experiencing freedom in the ‘Wanderlust’ moment. The MINI Vision Urbanaut represents our image of how MINI’s ‘Clever Use of Space’ could provide an answer to the needs of future cities and lifestyles.”

Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design adds: “At MINI Design we believe that the best way to understand the overall concept behind the MINI Vision Urbanaut is to experience it. The feeling of space and the innovative materials are just asking to be explored. That is why it was very important for us from the outset to also make a physical model of the MINI Vision Urbanaut. And now that moment has come. We have planned and built every aspect of the model – which allows people to experience all of the facets of the MINI Vision Urbanaut – at our MINI Design Studio in Munich.”

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The physical model of the MINI Vision Urbanaut was created from start to finish at the MINI Design studio in Munich.

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