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French engineering group GAUSSIN has announced that its new range of trucks for road application will be designed by iconic Italian design house PININFARINA. This new design covers all the range of GAUSSIN range of trucks developed on it electric, hydrogen, autonomous ready modular skateboard.

In addition, a completely new cab concept will be designed by PININFARINA for driver comfort and safety. 

GAUSSIN plans a global rollout of its 100% hydrogen or all-electric skateboard as early as 2021 through an assembly and marketing licensing program.

Christophe Gaussin, CEO of GAUSSIN, says: “The cab has to be aligned with the new mobility needs. It must be the link between the driver and his mission, between the truck and its environment. It has to be clean, safe, friendly but also intelligent to perform at a high level of efficiency…. and it has to have a signature that lasts over time. Pininfarina has not only designed a modern and great looking cab but has created a transgenerational story. At Gaussin, we are of course working for the performance of our customers but also for the planet and the next generations. This is exactly why we have chosen to collaborate
with Pininfarina.”

Kevin Rice, Chief Creative Officer of PININFARINA, adds: “We are happy and proud of this collaboration with GAUSSIN, a recognized player in clean and innovative mobility. Pininfarina Group is deeply involved to designing customer journeys and unique user experiences merging physical and digital worlds through aesthetics and technology. We are convinced that the combination of our know-how will lead to the success of the new range of trucks developed by GAUSSIN.”, says Kevin Rice, Chief Creative Officer of

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Gaussin is an engineering company that designs, assembles and sells innovative products and services in the transport and logistics field. With more than 50,000 vehicles worldwide, Gaussin is focused on four fast-expanding markets: port terminals, airports, logistics and people mobility.

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