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At a live-streamed event in Germany, Audi has revealed the latest addition to its electric lineup, unveiling the new Audi e-tron GT.

The four-door coupé will come to market alongside the brand’s RS model, presenting a new form of electric performance. Two powerful electric motors provide an electric all-wheel drive, powered by a high-voltage battery with a net energy content of 85 kWh. This enables ranges of up to 487 kilometers, or roughly 302 miles, to be achieved.

In addition, the e-tron GT boasts impressive recharge rates thanks to its 800-volt technology. In just five minutes, the EV will have enough energy to cover a distance of roughly 100 km, or just over 62 miles.

When it reaches customer, the GT will be greeted by Audi’s growing charging network, which currently stands at around 200,000 stations in Europe.

Like all Audi models, the e-tron GT is connected extensively. The infotainment, the online
services from Audi connect, and the assistance systems are state-of-the-art. Audi has also been hard at work composing a unique sound for the e-tron GT. 

Audi E Tron Gt Quattro
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