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Audi AG is deepening its partnership with China’s FAW. It’s confirmed that Changchun, in the northeast of China, will be the headquarters of the newly founded Audi-FAW company.

Audi AG and Volkswagen Group China will receive a 60-percent share, making this company – founded for the local production of fully electric Audi models on the ‘Premium Platform Electric’ (PPE) codeveloped with Porsche – the first cooperation company with a majority interest held by Audi in China.

Local manufacturing of the first PPE model, produced jointly with FAW. is scheduled to start by 2024. 

This partnership will allow Audi to increase the number of locally produced models to 12 by the end of 2021. The models produced by its second partner, SAIC Volkswagen, are set to be introduced in 2022.

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