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To help create more clean transportation policy and advocacy – a new association has hit the road to zero emissions. ZETA is a coalition of zero-emissions companies and service providers advocating for the full adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030.

In this week’s Mobility Moments, we talk to Joe Britton, Executive Director, ZETA (Zero Emission Transportation Association) about the coalition and EV advocacy around the world.

The formation of ZETA started during discussions from people within the EV community.


“We did a lot of outreach and created a coalition because electrification is so important for the transformation of public health,” says Britton.

“Making electric vehicles as part of transportation is a significant win. We can make a case why we need to accelerate the transition to EV adoption,” says Britton, “We started with a small group of about 30 companies and we’ve turned from making policy to advocacy.”

ZETA is a diverse non-partisan group working for education and policy adoption for clean transportation. Members include companies from many sectors.

Founding members include Tesla, Uber Pacific Gas & Electric, Lordstown Motors, Lucid Motors, Rivian Motors, EVBox, EVgo, lithium producer Ioneer, Volta, Uber, enelX, Proterra, Li-Cycle and more. The members employ hundreds of thousands of Americans.

“There has been a huge public interest. We believe that the government needs to incentivize electric vehicles for consumers, invest in infrastructure and help manufacturers create jobs,” says Britton.

The group’s goals also support emissions targets, domestic manufacturing as well as cooperation with federal investment in research and leadership with local communities.


ZETA brings all our voices together towards the single goal of accelerating the transition to electric vehicles.

After the announcement of the formation of the group, there was an enormous response from companies wanting to advocate for EVs, says Britton.

Faraday Future quickly joined ZETA as a founding member. In fact, Britton was on a call where there were 150 companies interested in joining. He’s been contacted by industry members from all over the world such as Mexico, Norway, Germany and Australia, asking how they can form similar groups in their countries.

ZETA also launched the ZETA Education Fund to educate the public on the environmental, social benefits and opportunities that will come from broad EV adoption.

Previously, without a coalition with a unified mission, it was more difficult for individual companies to get the legislative wheels moving towards electric policymaking.

Britton comes from a background working at the U.S. Senate. He worked for Senators Ben Nelson (D-NE), Mark Udall (D-CO) and Martin Heinrich (D-NM). He understands how important it is for legislators to know how their policies will affect their states.

The legislators need to show that their policy will have an economic impact and create opportunities for their constituents, says Britton.

Unifying many members with the same goals should help speed up the adoption of electrification.

“The electric vehicle sector unifying to inform policy will show how electrification will drive domestic manufacturing. It will help Americans get back to work while improving public health, saving fuel and maintenance costs for consumers,” says Britton, “ZETA brings all our voices together towards the single goal of accelerating the transition to electric vehicles.”

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