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CCC Information Services Inc. (CCC), a leading SaaS provider to the insurance and automotive industries, has signed an agreement with PDP Group (PDP) to digitally connect lenders on the PDP platform to insurers as part of the CCC® Total Loss Care workflow. The single sign-on integration digitally connects the PDP title administration service to CCC’s total loss resolution services, accelerating payouts and processing for lenders and carriers following a total loss. PDP is Amynta Group’s managing general agency focused on providing specialized insurance services and title administration solutions to auto dealerships, lenders, and manufacturers.

Both the percentage of new vehicles financed and accidents resulting in a total loss are increasing. The integration between CCC and PDP will establish a digital connection between lenders and insurers, accelerating claims processing, creating greater visibility for insurers, and a better experience for policyholders.

PDP works with 1,100 auto lenders nationwide. CCC serves 350 insurers nationwide including 19 out of the top 20 insurers. The agreement connects the two companies’ software, equipping lenders and insurers with a secure platform to exchange important loss documentation, including lien payoff requests, title processing and status, and letters of guarantee.

“PDP provides a powerful platform for lenders to simplify the complex task of title management and to accelerate innovation by creating seamless connections to partners,” said Shawn Ellis, President of PDP Group. “Our agreement with CCC offers our lender clients greater automation and efficiency through a single sign-on experience.”

CCC processes nearly 4 million total loss claims on behalf of clients annually. Its latest solution, CCC Total Loss Care, helps insurers reduce cycle times and connect with lenders and policyholders, informing decision-making and simplifying resolution. Total Loss Care also gives insurers the industry’s first mobile app, offering policyholders a digital aid through their total loss journey.

“We’re excited to work with PDP to create more connections between lenders, insurers, and the digital tools they need to streamline the total loss resolution experience,” said Rick Evans, Senior Director of Lender Services for CCC. “In 2020, we saw nearly 2 million total loss claims involving financed vehicles. The time has come for innovation.”

Learn more about CCC Total Loss Care, now with title status.

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