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Rinspeed has released details of its new concept vehicle. The electric-powered ‘CitySnap’ is a modular, delivery vehicle, initially designed for a human driver. Eventually the driver will be replaced by computers and sensors.

In a press statement, Rinspeed states: ‘The use of the ingenious Rinspeed solution reduces the number of required delivery vehicles by up to 50 percent. In addition, this system saves 6 percent in carbon emissions – per parcel! The “CitySnap” also offers considerable savings potentials in terms of costs. Compared to the conventional parcel delivery, the delivery costs drop by 17 percent per parcel, a cost advantage that can benefit the consumers’. 

It adds: ‘One of the leading accounting and consulting firms conducted a case study on Rinspeed’s “CitySnap” concept vehicle. The different scenarios – based on the fifty largest cities in Germany – show an impressive savings potential. Not only could the modular delivery vehicle drastically reduce the last mile costs but the number of delivery vehicles could also be reduced by up to 50 percent. This would be a boon for the congested city centers’.

Rinspeed boss, Frank M. Rinderknecht, says: “People want more and more convenience and simplicity in their lives.”


The ‘CitySnap proof-of-concept vehicle will be presented to the world public in spring 2021. Rinspeed says talks with potential pilot partners are ongoing.

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