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Global mobility network Splyt has partnered up with Voi Technology, the European leader in the e-scooter market, as a launch partner for micromobility in the Splyt Mobility Network. Effective immediately, Voi’s e-scooters in over 50 cities and 11 countries will become available to Splyt’s wide array of travel, e-wallet and superapp partners.

As a launch partner for micromobility in the Splyt network, Voi scooters are now available to book by users of the leading e-wallet provider, Alipay, when in Europe. Voi and Splyt are currently collaborating to enable the service across Splyt’s wider partner network.

“At Voi we believe in making micromobility easily accessible for everyone. With this partnership we are one step closer to making this happen. We will be integrating e-scooters in Splyt’s mobility network in all our markets simultaneously. All users can now enjoy a carbon-neutral ride while exploring the city on their travels or connect their trip to ridehailing,” said Fredrik Hjelm, CEO and Co-Founder of Voi.

Splyt CEO Philipp Mintchin added: “With this agreement, we are building upon our promise to Unlock the World for our partners’ users. We already have the world’s leading on-demand ridehailing network. Now, we are thrilled to expand on this concept and enable customers to also seamlessly search, scan and pay for micromobility rides from within their own apps.”

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