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Shares in Velodyne Lidar Inc. have begun trading on The Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker symbols “VLDR”. The move follows the completion of a business combination with Graf Industrial Corp. – a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC).

Velodyne is the first public pure-play lidar company and offers a broad portfolio lidar technologies, including sensor and software solutions. 

Dr. Anand Gopalan, Velodyne Lidar’s Chief Executive Officer, says: “Today marks another great milestone for Velodyne, which started with the vision and ingenuity of our founder David Hall. We’ve grown into a global lidar powerhouse due to the significant contributions from our employees worldwide.”

He adds: “Becoming a public company enables Velodyne to invest more in delivering new transformative autonomous technology and powerful ADAS products to make our world a better place. With our broad portfolio of lidar sensors and revolutionary software, we strive to transform communities by advancing safer mobility for all.”

David Hall comments: “Velodyne’s mission is to help save lives and move both people and goods more efficiently. We are also excited about the emergence of new markets as innovators discover new ways to use lidar. Today’s achievement of becoming a public company is a testament to our terrific team, our loyal customers, hard-working employees and invaluable investment partners as we ushered in a new vision and world with this technology.”

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Since 2005, Velodyne has served more than 300 customers in the automotive and technology industries, including nearly all the leading global automotive original equipment and technology manufacturers.

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