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China’s Human Horizons, under its HiPhi brand, has announced that its premium all-electric vehicle, known initially by its prototype name HiPhi 1, will be renamed the HiPhi X. It will be launched at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show in September.

HiPhi X offer Level 3 autonomous driving at launch. It will be offered with rear- and all-wheel drive derivatives and will provide a 0-to-100 km/h time of 3.9 seconds. There will also be several battery options, with the largest 96 kWh unit providing a range of at least 610 km.

It is also equipped with an advanced, highly-personalised onboard AI assistant, HiPhiGo, which has been developed in collaboration with Microsoft.

According to Human Horizons: ‘This new breed of self-learning smart vehicle has a “neural network” consisting of 6 “super brain” domain controllers, connected by 1G Ethernet, which provides a higher transmission rate than traditional CAN networks. HiPhi X is able to analyse massive amounts of information and make decisions utilising cloud computing with a powerful data analysis engine, which results in a truly intelligent and smart vehicle’.

HiPhi X is now entering the final phase of development and launch ahead of production which is expected to commence by the end of 2020, with official deliveries in 2021.

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