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  • The future of cities in structure and mobility is being discussed by some of Europes leading experts.

On 3 September, Luxembourg’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport François Bausch will discuss with other top speakers from the fields of architecture, mobility, industry and politics what the cities of the future will look like.

Berlin, 31 July 2020 – “Smart Environments – Urban Future and Mobility Infrastructures”: This is the title of the second session of the international mobility event SHIFT Mobility 2020, where top international experts will present the mobility concepts of the future on 3 and 4 September in the framework of IFA  Berlin. Keynote speaker of this session will be Luxembourg’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport François Bausch, who will discuss the future infrastructure of cities. He says: “We don’t need 500 hp to move 500 meters in the city. We have to redesign cities – for people, not for cars.”

Bausch was Minister for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure in Bettel-Schneider’s government until December 2018 and supported and promoted the turnaround in transport in Luxembourg. Since 29 February 2020, the use of public transport has been free of charge there.

Further speakers of the exclusive live event in Berlin are

  • Vanessa Carlow, Professor, Sustainable Urbanism, TU Braunschweig: She will talk about the future of mobility in cities, and how they must be adapted to the needs of cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Gerald Franz, Senior Expert Mobility Management, Urban Innovations Vienna: He is concerned with shared mobility and the new living space created by the reduction of private cars.
  • Josephine Yilan Liu, founder of Urban Future: She accompanies the transformation of cities and companies to become more sustainable.
  • Max Schwitalla, architect, and urban planner: He conceives an alternative use of space in cities.
  • Ilja Radusch, Head of Connected Cars, Fraunhofer Institute: He is driving the process of getting autonomous driving cars onto the road more quickly. He is using simulators from various application areas for this purpose.
  • Koen Kennis, Deputy Mayor Mobility, Antwerp: He focuses on the users of mobility solutions.
  • Lizann Tjon and Debbie Deckers, Project Lead, CTO, Amsterdam: They bring Amsterdam closer to its goal of being the global leader in Smart Mobility.

We have linked further information about the speakers and the program.

About SHIFT Mobility:

SHIFT Mobility is an international and interactive format dealing with the future of mobility and its eco-systems. It is a subsidiary of IFA Berlin, the world’s leading consumer electronic show. The central meeting point of the SHIFT Mobility community is the annual convention and curated exhibition at IFA.

In addition, SHIFT presents throughout the year with its own and communication platform and with its own boutique events on site at international events such as CES in Las Vegas, SXSW in Austin, Salon del Mobile in Milan, Smart Mobility Tel Aviv, Co-Motion LA as well as SHIFT Mobility Week in June 2021.

Further information:

Tickets: Due to high hygiene standards, only a limited number of tickets will be available for SHIFT Mobility in 2020

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