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CHICAGO, JUNE 3, 2020 – CCC Information Services Inc. (CCC) announces today the availability of CCC® Total Loss Care (Total Loss Care), a comprehensive digital solution that simplifies and improves the total loss resolution process and policyholder experience. Total Loss Care uses a range of technologies to digitize processes, connect disparate parties, and inform decisions throughout the total loss process. Namely, the solution automates the cumbersome tasks of obtaining lien information and processing title documents, and gives insurers the industry’s first mobile app, offering policyholders a digital guide through their total loss journey. Leveraging CCC’s single platform, the solution offers insurers and auto lenders a digital, secure way to communicate and exchange information, further speeding lien payoff requests and letters of guarantee. CCC Total Loss Care is part of CCC’s suite of digital claims solutions that extend from pre-inspection to incident to assignment to salvage providers.

“For the more than 4 million total loss auto claims processed last year, insurers, auto lenders, and policyholders spent thousands of hours mired in phone calls and paperwork,” said Naved Siddique, group vice president, insurance services group, CCC. “This process is ripe for transformation. In today’s environment, as insurers are accelerating adoption of digital tools, CCC Total Loss Care advances this migration, further optimizing and modernizing the insurance claims process.”

Added Rick Evans, senior director of lender services for CCC: “CCC is excited to extend its network to the lender community, connecting them with insurers for improved communication and total loss claims processing. Now more than ever, as lenders are experiencing high volumes of customer calls, digital tools that can deliver scale will create more efficient interactions and improve customer experiences.”

Digital Claims Management
Total Loss Care follows the introductions of CCC® Smart Total Loss and CCC® Quick Valuation which leverage mobile, photos, and AI to help insurers make real-time predictions about the likely condition and repairability of a vehicle. Total Loss Care addresses the next steps in the loss process using digital connections and mobile technology. Specifically, Total Loss Care offers:

  • Process automation – digital connections work to quickly obtain lien payoff and letters of guarantee, and digital mailroom capabilities systematically prepare, issue, and process title paperwork as well as conduct quality checks.
  • Policyholder mobile app – industry-first self-service mobile app digitally guides policyholders through insurer’s instructions for document completion, allowing them to provide lienholder information and access claim status.
  • Seamless connections – CCC’s established platform is designed to connect insurers and lenders, facilitating the efficient, secure exchange of information and documents without friction, phone calls, or faxes.
  • Analytics – Total Loss Care is part of a full suite of digital solutions that span pre-inspection to incident to salvage, offering analytics throughout, helping insurers make more informed claims decisions.

Learn more about CCC Total Loss Care for insurers and lenders.

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