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Tritium, a DC fast charging technologies group has been awarded a contract from the City of Pasadena in California to install 20 high speed chargers. They are located on the Rooftop Marengo Charging Lot.

To complete an 80 percent charge with the Tritium 50kW charger, it takes EV owners an average of 30 minutes.

With a total of 44 chargers, 24 Superchargers installed by Tesla and 20 Tritium fast chargers installed by the City of Pasadena, the Marengo Charging Plaza is the largest public electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging plaza in the U.S.

Mike Calise, Tritium’s President of the Americas, says: “DC applications are expanding well beyond corridor or city-to-city connections. This location serves EV driver needs at a much higher energy level for a typical destination or dwell time stay. Installations like this are changing the way drivers think about dwell charging. It’s a super-fast dwell charger available on Main Street America. At the end of the day, it doesn’t take until the end of the day to fill up! We’re passionate about making ‘DC Everywhere’ happen.”

With offices in the U.S., The Netherlands and Australia, Tritium solely focuses on DC fast charging (DCFC) and high power charging (HPC).It has sold over 4,500 charging stations and provided over 600,000+ charging sessions in more than 33 countries.

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