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Velodyne Lidar Inc. has announced a three-year supply agreement with the French driverless technology group Easymile. Velodyne’s lidar sensors are used in the production of Easymile’s EZ10 autonomous passenger shuttles.

The EZ10 was launched in April 2015 and has a track record of 200 deployments and more than 600,000 km driven. It has the capacity for up to 15 passengers.

By combining high-resolution 3D perception with a broad vertical field of view, Velodyne’s lidars can accurately detect a variety of objects.

Benoit Perrin, Managing Director and COO, Easymile says: “Velodyne’s high performance lidar technology is a key component in emabling our autonomous vehicles to deliver smart mobility in urban, suburban and private environments. Velodyne’s solutions have the reliability, quality and production scale we are looking for to continue to grow our fleet worldwide.”

Eric Smidt, Executive Director Europe, Velodyne Lidar, adds: “The EasyMile EZ10 provides a shared, inclusive driverless shuttle solution that improves public transport by connecting hubs and in many cases, delivers a transport service where there otherwise wasn’t one available.”


Headquartered in California, Velodyne has a portfolio of breakthrough lidar sensor technologies.

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