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Velodyne Lidar Inc. has signed a three year deal with TLD, a French ground support equipment company. TLD uses Velodyne’s lidar sensors in the production of its TractEasy autonomous electric baggage tractor that’s used in airports and industrial operations.

TractEasy is a zero-emissions vehicle and can drive up to 25 km/h and has a maximum traction of 25 tons.

Eric Smidt, Executive Director Europe, Velodyne Lidar, says: “These tractors demonstrate how Velodyne lidar sensors provide the range and field of view needed to gain visibility on what’s ahead on dynamic roadways, and detect and avoid potential obstacles for safe logistics operations.”

Nicolas Verin, CEO TLD-Europe, adds: “Velodyne’s high performing sensors help TractEasy navigate and manoeuvre in complex and live ramp environments to move cargo in a safe, freliable way and does not require infrastructure change.”

Velodyne Lidar Sensor Product Family Large

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Velodyne’s surround-view lidar solutions produce data-rich images with the ability to detect low reflectivity objects.

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