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Alauda, the Australian performance electric flying car company and its racing series, Airspeeder, has successfully completed its seed investment round. Airspeeder is the world’s first racing series for manned electric flying cars.

The firm has secured funding from two of Australia’s leading technology venture capital firms, Saltwater Capital and Jelix Ventures. Both firms specialise in backing fast-growing technology start-ups.

Final ‘manned’ tests of the ‘Speeders’ are technically ready. These flights will take place in the desert surrounding the firm’s HQ in South Australia once restrictions relating to the global health crisis are lifted. The first head-to-head dual races are planned to take place in late 2020.  

Matt Pearson, Founder, Alauda & Airspeeder, says: “Electric flying cars are a coming reality that will liberate our cities and answer the long-term mobility challenges we face. Nothing drives technology as fast as competition. The F1 racers of the early 20th century possessed a pioneering spirit we are harnessing today to rapidly accelerate progress. This seed investment represents a significant leap forward in the next great mobility revolution.”

Andrea Gardiner, Co-Founder, Jelix Ventures, adds: “Airspeeder’s founder, Matt Pearson has an inspired vision of the future of ‘clean air’ mobility We are impressed with the early success of his route to early commercialisation through the creation of a flying car racing league. There is a clear global market for Airspeeder and Alauda and the founder has an outstanding track record as a successful entrepreneur.”

Len Findlay, Founder, Saltwater Ventures, states: “Electric flying car racing will drive awareness of a technology that will bring our communities together and answer the question of sustainable urban transport in the coming decades. We are proud to be a part of bringing the bold promise of electric flying car racing to life.”

Alauda says Airspeeder will shortly announce technical partnerships in powertrain development and sensory technology with some of the leading names in motor sport, aviation and technological engineering.

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