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Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited (EAV) has signed an exclusive agreement with Revonte, a sophisticated eBike hardware and software engineering company from Finland.

The UK start-up’s EAVcab will integrate the Revonte ONE Drive system developed specifically for eCargo use and will offer a package for Urban Lightweight Commercial Vehicles (ULCV).

Adam Barmby, Technical Director and founder of EAV, says: “We know that we can use a bio-mechanical electric hybrid vehicle like EAV to replace most vans and even cars in urban environments without any loss in operational efficiency, but we need to see how far we can improve that offering and where those improvements need to be. We’re already fully modular with the EAVcab offering multiple models on the same chassis and we’re working on our own wheel. tyre and braking developments to over-engineer safety in to all EAV vehicles.”

Otto Chrons, Revonte’s CEO, says: “The future of commercial vehicle operations in urban environments is now unquestionably based on the eCargo or ULCV concept. Lightweight, efficient and with zero emissions, we can see these vehicles in operation globally in large numbers in only a short time.”


Development of the integration of Revonte ONE DRive into the EAVcab starts in April 2020.

Revonte was founded in 2018 to develop eBikes and take them to the next level by providing best-in-class drive system

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