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At the Bosch Connected World 2020 (BCW) conference in Berlin, Germany, Human Horizons initiated an agreement with Bosch Connected Mobility Solutions for further cooperation on the Battery in the Cloud technology. This technology connects electric-vehicle batteries with the cloud to extend battery life, substantially improve the battery’s performance and service.

Mark Stanton, Chief Technical Officer at Human Horizons, and Dr. Elmar Pritsch, President of Bosch Connected Mobility Solutions, represented their companies at the signing ceremony.

Ding Lei, founder of Human Horizons, said: “Bosch is a leading supplier of automotive and smart transportation products and services, seasoned in the development and application of Internet of Vehicles (IoV), preventive safeguards based on IoT, big data solutions, and autonomous driving.”

This agreement further accentuates Human Horizons’ commitment to the development and production of truly smart vehicles with a secured-open platform that continuously adapts through deep learning. 

Dr. Elmar Pritsch added: “Bosch and Human Horizons will work together to connect the system and services inside and outside vehicles, transforming them into intelligent mobility solutions. Including FOTA and Battery in the Cloud, and in the near future, this close relationship will play an important role in the cooperation in remote diagnostics, and other intelligent and connected mobility solutions.”

In this agreement, Bosch and Human Horizons plan to cooperate on Battery in the Cloud service, this technology intends to improve the performance of EVs in the areas of HV battery life, charging efficiency, EV user experience and prediction of battery failures and downtime. EV battery life is expected enhanced by up to 20%, or charging speed increased by up to 20%. Very precise State of Health (SOH) calculations and forecasts can be used to further strengthen early detection of battery-related malfunctions, and establish the foundation for predictive maintenance to avoid downtime and enhance the user experience.

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