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Maps, traffic and connected services
Live maps, traffic, and connected services continuously updated in the cloud and delivered to vehicles and devices over-the-air.

Maps APIs
Build your product with TomTom Maps APIs, powered by TomTom’s real-time maps and traffic data, with global coverage & advanced functionalities.

Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform
Integrate your product with the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform to generate insights and deliver services based on diagnostics and driver behavior data.

In-vehicle commerce
Add value and convenience within the navigation experience through an integrated booking, ordering and payment mechanism.

EV Services
Improve the efficiency and comfort of electric driving and take away range anxiety through real-time charging station availability, and electric vehicle navigation.

Advanced Driver Assistance
The TomTom ADAS Map powers a range of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, such as Predictive Powertrain Control and Intelligent Speed Assistance, increasing driver safety and comfort, while improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions by up to 5%.

Autonomous driving
As we are getting beyond Level 2 driving automation, we have enriched our TomTom HD Map with additional map layers at centimeter level accuracy. This ensures a safe and reliable localization, perception, and path planning for automated vehicles. Trillian – our own self-driving vehicle – is testing our map on the road in every scenario.

Full stack navigation user experience
Our cockpit experience showcases our entire navigation portfolio in several driving scenarios, bringing all components together in an integrated, intuitive way, including lane-level navigation, in-vehicle commerce, hazard warnings, and other connected services.

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