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  • Extensive exterior redesign previews Karma’s unique design perspective 
  • Inviting interior features new seats, improved infotainment, and steering wheel technology that enhances how driver interacts with Revero GT 
  • Significant reengineering of electric propulsion platform improves Revero’s performance, efficiency, range, and comfort
  • The 2020 Karma Revero GT is designed to achieve the highest levels of luxury, introduce a new generation of infotainment tech, and offer a comprehensive collection of customizable features

IRVINE, Calif. (April 2019)Founded in 2014, Karma Automotive creates compellingly beautiful vehicles. Our journey started after we rescued the precursor to the first-generation Revero: an electric sedan with perfect proportions and a bold, inimitable presence. We felt compelled to preserve such beauty, and we welcomed the challenge of reimagining the most elegant range-extended electric vehicle ever made. For 2020, we’ve respectfully enhanced the Revero’s aesthetics, performance, and features, and leveraged budding relationships with suppliers and partners to craft a more beautiful, luxurious, and capable GT.

When we first launched the Revero, we built a cutting-edge paint shop and vehicle assembly system to support our state-of-the-art Innovation and Customization Center (what traditionalists would call a manufacturing plant) and growing dealership network, with stores in the U.S., Canada, and beyond. We’ve since hired some of automotive industry’s most creative and outspoken individuals for their experience and skills to turn Karma Automotive into a truly unique automaker. We’re working to be a low-volume, boutique car company, and a technology incubator that advances engineering in the electric-vehicle market. What Karma will be best known for, though, is its thought-provoking, head-turning design.                                                  

Paul Houghton, Karma Automotive’s vice president of design operations and craftsmanship, says, “The all-new, second-generation Revero is monumental in the history and growth of this brand, because not only does it represent where Karma is going, it also represents the company, our collaborators, and partnerships within the company that are working together to produce this product.” We’ve showed confidence in design and leadership in engineering, and Karma Automotive is proud to introduce the 2020 Karma Revero GT.        

A message from our CEO, Dr. Lance Zhou:

“Our next-generation 2020 Revero GT is pure Karma; a significant milestone – perhaps the most important — in our young company’s history. This car represents all that Karma is and moves us forward from our humble beginnings into a new era, with innovative technology, improved performance, and customizable exterior and interior options. I think the new Revero firmly establishes Karma as an authentic and credible player in the luxury electric vehicle segment … the only automaker, by the way, actually designing, engineering, marketing, and handcrafting vehicles in Southern California. Others companies are making a lot of noise about ‘what’s coming,’ but Karma can point to ‘what’s already here.’ Revero GT will prove Karma Automotive has arrived and has a very strong future; it will help create long-term value for our brand, our owners, our dealers, and our partners.”

A bridge to our future

  • With improved manufacturing processes and engineering innovations, we stripped excess weight out of Revero’s aluminum base structure; the 2020 model is 357 pounds lighter than its predecessor with improved torsional stiffness
  • Systematic redesign of Revero GT balanced function and form to properly address areas of improvement, and the sedan is now a showcase for both progressive engineering and design
  • While we restyled the sedan’s exterior with tact and care, every square inch of aluminum below the Revero’s beltline is brand new

Our intent was to refine the Revero and elevate it in terms of design and craftsmanship. Andreas Thurner, exterior design director at Karma Automotive, calls the second-generation Revero GT “a bridge to the future,” a transitional product updated and radically improved by Karma Automotive. Thurner continues, “It was critical to identify what must we not lose … what was there that we really adored and believed in that we wanted to strengthen. We had a great starting point with Revero, and we wanted to bring it to perfection. The 2020 Karma Revero GT reaches new levels of beauty, luxury, and performance, and its exterior design communicates it in an authentic way.”

The exterior is now tighter, smoother, and more sculpted. We drew inspiration from Southern California’s rich aerospace industry, studying turbines and wing sections to inspire new aspects of the 2020 Karma Revero GT’s body. We didn’t touch the Revero’s statement-making proportions or its elegantly long dash-to-axle ratio, but changed almost everything else. Gently bowed-in body sides flow cleanly from the front of the Revero GT to the rear. Highlight and shadow lines look effortlessly drawn and add positive tension to the sedan’s modeled surfaces. The wheels push out as far as possible to maximize fender presence; the difference is most noticeable from behind the steering wheel, looking out across the interminable hood and the landscape reflected across it.

We tapered in the rear of the greenhouse and accentuated the Revero GT’s hips with new quarter panels, giving the back end a stronger, more imposing character. The rear end is refined with a completely new fascia that has LED taillights, an integrated reverse light, an upturned deck lid spoiler, and unpretentious bright work.  The front end is also new with an updated fascia, hood, fenders, and lamps. LED headlights are standard, with available adaptive LEDs, and there’s a single strip of chrome running across the top of a handsome and unassuming grille. The grille features a carbon-fiber applique, which can be customized to complement any one of the Revero GT’s 11 available exterior colors.

“The front intakes are functional, and the side scoops next to the main grille are feeding fresh air to the back of the engine compartment to reduce under-hood temperatures and cool heat exchangers. The passenger-side feeds the air filter under the front fender, and the main center intake has been significantly improved compared to the previous car to get enough air for the larger cooling system required by the new range extender and electrical systems. Even parts that are in low visibility areas have been designed to provide the best combination of form and function.”

–Raul Cenan, Exterior Designer at Karma Automotive

A progressive route to the future

  • While Karma Automotive is excited by an all-electric future, we believe an EV with a range extender is the best uncompromised solution for economical, environmentally friendly transportation today
  • Improved dual-motor electric propulsion substantially increases Revero GT’s performance; EV range extends to 80 miles on a full charge
  • Smaller, more efficient three-cylinder range extender supplied by BMW
  • GT model goes from zero to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds

EVs are our future, but it will be years before supporting infrastructure is built out and you can enjoy your all-electric Karma without a whiff of range anxiety. Today, a range-extended EV is the most progressive solution for economical, environmentally friendly transportation. The 2020 Karma Revero GT has a completely reengineered all-electric powertrain, and a more refined, more efficient three-cylinder range extender from BMW. When not in Stealth EV mode, the generator doesn’t run at speeds below 25 mph, and a hydraulic engine mount isolates the powertrain and minimizes vehicle shake so the customer enjoys a smoother driving experience. The engine has a throaty, sporty note, thanks to an all-new exhaust system and digital sound augmentation through the Revero GT’s audio system.

“The new three-cylinder range extender gives us more control over valves, timing, and air and fuel mixtures. It’s much lighter, and it is as powerful and more economical than the outgoing four-cylinder range extender.”

–Darren Post, Chief Engineer for the Karma Revero GT

 The range extender supplements the battery pack for the electric propulsion system. The Revero GT has an all-new, transversely mounted, twin-motor rear drive module (RDM) that employs electronic differential controls for cornering; the outgoing Revero had a heavier, two-motor RDM, with electric motors longitudinally mounted to a rear differential. An all-new 28-kWh, NMC battery pack, and as such electric-only driving range has increased by over 60 percent.

We developed our own inverters to convert DC current from the battery pack to power the AC drive motors, and to capture AC power from the regenerative braking system to recharge the battery pack. An all-new, single-speed gearbox sits between the twin motors and Karma inverters. Because we integrated our inverters with the drive motors, the RDM is extremely attractive package from an engineering perspective for size, weight, and power handling. Karma Automotive believes the RDM has commercial viability outside of our walls. As part of our commitment to technological innovation and advancement in the automotive industry, and strategy to create new open-platform revenue streams, we will sell the unit and supply interested manufacturers with our RDM.

Now the Karma Revero is as fast as it looks

  • GT model goes from zero to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds
  • Launch control as standard

The world-class electric drive system powering the 2020 Revero GT shaves nearly a full second off its 0-60mph performance compared to the model it replaces. Alongside a series of other technological advancements, the new 2020 Revero GT is as fast as it looks. The 2020 Revero GT’s new launch control brings that improved performance to life and will have special appeal to driving enthusiasts. To activate it, drivers will put the sedan in Sport mode, then push brake and accelerator pedals against the floor. The generator starts the range extender, which spins up to about 4,000 rpm to generate maximum electrical power. As the generator ramps up, the digital instrument panel starts a countdown for launch. When the Revero GT says it’s ready, release the brake, keep the accelerator pinned, and the generator and the battery unleash all their power into the RDM. The instrument panel speedometer turns into a stopwatch and shows elapsed time after the Revero GT reaches 60 mph.

“It’s a super well planted, very controllable vehicle with refined dynamics. You can do a performance launch with two fingers on the Revero GT’s steering wheel. There’s no instability … it’s just smooth, raw power, and I’m proud of and elated by what we’ve accomplished.”

–Bob Kruse, Karma Automotive’s Chief Technology Officer

Karma partnered with Pirelli® to develop a model-specific tire for Revero GT, the P04, designed to increase vehicle range without sacrificing grip or handling capability. Forged 21-inch aluminum wheels come standard on the Revero GT, as do regenerative Brembo® brakes with six-piston front calipers. We redesigned the brake calipers to reduce unwanted drag on the rotors and improve driving range. Three levels of braking regeneration force can be toggled through using the right shift paddle on the steering wheel, allowing the driver to balance energy recaptured with desired regen braking force. New bushings and valves in the suspension system improve Revero’s damping and handling, and all-new, more refined electrically assisted power steering is more precise and better feeling, whether in a parking lot or on the open road.

An elevated experience in every sense, for every sense

  • Reimagined interior is as lavish as ever, but more comfortable and more ergonomic, with more stowage and more standard features, like ventilated seats and 3-D, touch-sensitive steering wheel controls
  • Sustainably sourced, high-quality materials give the Revero GT character and charm like no other production car

We created a new electric architecture with faster processors to properly support a more intelligent, engaging driving environment. There’s a more responsive driver information system with upgraded controls, and a more intuitive user interface with more energy-efficient touchscreens. Active noise cancellation, uses two microphones in the headliner to mute low-frequency hums inside the cabin. The rear center high-mount taillight is an LED brake light but also a state-of-charge display that lights up when the Revero GT is plugged in.

“The 3-D haptic touch technology in the steering wheel controls is an industry-first technology, showing up in the 2020 Karma Revero GT. Push lightly on one of the two control pads, and you use one function. Push harder and you get a second function.”

–Bob Kruse, Karma Automotive’s Chief Technology Officer

A 360-degree surround-view parking assist system, blind spot detection, and cross-traffic alerts are new safety features for the 2020 Revero GT. Capacitive touch controls now run along the bottom edge of a larger touchscreen center display. We designed and built a hi-fi, 7.1-channel, 635-watt audio system with eight speakers, including a subwoofer, to deliver “mini concert hall acoustics.” Our  new  heated and ventilated, six-way adjustable seats are tailored to minimize seating pressure in the seat bottom and back rest.

The 2020 Revero’s  leather comes from Scotland’s famed Bridge of Weir® — available in eight colors and three “Rebel” multi-tone themes: Ceramic white, Reef blue, and Lava red — and oak and elm inlays come from naturally felled trees salvaged from King Gillette Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains. “It’s the most incredible national forest, thousands of acres, right there in Santa Monica,” says Fairuz Jane Schlecht, director of customization at Karma Automotive. “Sourcing from non-living trees does nothing to compromise the quality of the tree, and it does everything to enhance the beauty and the uniqueness of the wood.”

The comprehensive luxury of owning a Karma

  • Karma Automotive offers remote vehicle diagnostics, over-the-air software updates
  • Customers can opt for the VVIP “California Experience,” a three-day immersion into the Karma lifestyle
  • The Karma Innovation and Customization Center in Moreno Valley, Calif., offers exhaustive individualization of the Revero GT

From the beginning, we’ve gone out of our way for our owners. As a niche luxury EV automaker, we are especially grateful for our customers, and we take time to develop real relationships with the Karma faithful. Our expertise in remote, deep sensing of vehicle diagnostics inspires confidence in our clients; we troubleshoot and detect possible issues before they arise, then improve the Revero GT’s software through secure over-the-air updates using BlackBerry QNX connectivity. The the Karma Connect mobile app provide owners with real-time updates of their vehicle and you can easily connect your Revero to your home automation system.

Earlier this year we established a Mobility Experiences Division, which creates opportunities for aspiring owners to test drive a 2020 Karma Revero GT in an appropriately luxurious setting. We will soon offer short-term rentals of Reveros through select hotels in Southern California, with rentals conveniently arranged through a mobile app developed by our partner Ridecell. We will continue to build and expand our car-sharing model while concurrently growing our global dealership network; we presently have 19 dealerships, as well as a company-owned store in Orange County, California.

We invite new Revero GT owners, or owners who’ve taken delivery of a Revero within the last year, to take part in our VVIP California Experience, a curated three-day tour to show customers how much we appreciate them, and to help them better understand our brand on a more personal level by connecting with the people who make Karma what it is. Owners rest and relax at one of Southern California’s most luxurious hotels; follow guides through our Southern California facilities; and talk to our designers, engineers, and employees, who shed light on how each of our bespoke vehicles is created.

“The Karma brand is driven in part by owner experiences that are both personal and special. We believe ownership is about more than just our beautiful Revero GT – it’s about becoming part of our brand and connecting with those who stand behind it. Our size allows us to create personal and engaging relationships with each and every owner. This is the kind of treatment luxury customers have come to expect and frankly deserve given the investment they are making in our brand. Our customers are purchasing more than a car. They’re receiving a holistic luxury lifestyle experience. That’s what being included in our Karma family is all about.”

–John Maloney, Karma Automotive’s Chief Revenue Officer

Our owners appreciate unique design and uncompromised engineering, and they want to express themselves through a custom Karma, which is certainly not the only car they own, but it should be their most cherished. That’s why we opened the Karma Innovation and Customization Center in Moreno Valley, California, a 550,000-square-foot facility that also produces the Revero GT. Fairuz Jane Schlecht says, “Customization is perfect for our brand, because we’re small and we understand the luxury approach and mindset. The customer can do it on their own or ask for assistance, and we ensure that whatever they do, the interior and the exterior are compatible in the end product. Not only is it essential for the value of the car, but it’s essential for the presentation of the brand.”

Emancipated from the past

The 2020 Karma Revero GT is an undoubtedly more confident electric vehicle in both appearance and capabilities, thanks to the creative minds at Karma Automotive and the support of our suppliers and partners. Over the past five years, Karma has quietly built a fully-operational enterprise and value chain of nearly 1,000 employees working from: our headquarters in Irvine, Calif.; Karma’s Innovation and Customization Center in Moreno Valley, Calif.; Detroit Technical Center, in Troy, Mich.; and a campus in Hangzhou, China. We’re building strategic relationships, engineering open-platform technologies we’re proud of, and expressing beautiful design as purely as possible. We have a bright, well-funded future ahead of us.

The 2020 Karma Revero GT is our first opportunity to show personality through automotive craft. We improved the Revero in every way we could, and we’ll continue to improve, advancing the industry through achievements in EV engineering, infotainment, and mobility, including autonomous driving. Karma Automotive is not an old-value car manufacturer but a company building long-term value by being an open-platform, high-tech automotive incubator that prioritizes artistic and opulent design.

Above all else, though, Karma Automotive believes in sustainability, which is why we manufacture electric cars with range extenders, and soon fully electric vehicles. We want to preserve and embrace the beauty around us. When we created Karma’s signature badge, we imagined we were on the moon, staring back at Earth, watching flares from the sun peek out from behind our planet, and from the moon we could better appreciate Earth’s elegance and vulnerability. This is a place we want to save, because it’s beautiful and it’s our home. We believe in paying it forward … some call it “Karma.”

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