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New Mobility World is one of the pillars of the IAA – the leading mobility platform in Frankfurt and Hanover in Germany. It first opened its doors in 2015 and has rapidly become the central place for digitization, decarbonization and new forms of mobility. This year New Mobility World is being held in Frankfurt between September 12th – 22nd.

Dirk Evenson, Director IAA Conference and New Mobility World, explains how the industry is transforming: “There is a huge shift going on today, so we want to bring together manufacturers, cities, startups and societies to foster new relationships and projects across the world. 2019 is much further advanced than 2011, which will continue to be the case for years to come. The progress that we have seen over the last two years has really shown the acceleration and all of these technologies and trends, which are being transferred towards the core of each companies’ business model or even creating new spin-offs.”

Andreas Scheuer, Germany’s Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, says: “When we envisage the mobility of the future, we have to think big: We need many more vehicles with clean and environmentally friendly drive systems. Yet that alone is not enough: In the light of the growing amount of traffic attributable to commuters and delivery services, we need innovations that can relieve the burden on our roads. Digitalization can help us to achieve this aim.”

Scheuer adds: “You can experience this future today in the New Mobility World.”

Looking ahead, Evenson forecasts further dramatic changes in the mobility and transport sector. “We are breaking ground with new solutions and we are seeing regulations being introduced to support the rollout of them. Companies are having to be responsive and anticipate how they want to work alongside lawmakers to push out products in a safe and efficient manner.”

Exhibitors at New Mobility World include: Valeo, LEVC, Reflexallen Group, McLaren Automotive, Ouster, Ridecell and Vulog.

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