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Jaguar Land Rover is partnering with the chemicals giant BASF in a project aimed at tackling the challenges of plastic waste. They are trialling a new recycling process which converts plastic waste into a new premium grade material that could feature on future vehicles.

JLR says its currently testing the pilot phase material in a Jaguar I-PACE prototype.  

The pilot project is called ChemCycling. It upcycles domestic waste plastic, otherwise destined for landfill or incinerators, into a new high-quality material.

Chris Brown, Senior Sustainability Manager at Jaguar Land Rover, says: “Plastics are vital to car manufacturing and have proven benefits during their use phase, however, plastic waste remains a major global challenge. Solving this issue requires innovation and joined-up thinking between regulators, manufacturers and suppliers.

He adds: “At Jaguar Land Rover, we are proactively increasing recycled content in our products, removing single-use plastics across our operations and reducing excess waste across the product lifecycle. The collaboration with BASF is just one way in which we are advancing our commitment to operating in a circular economy.”

Jaguar IPACE Front End Carrier Illustration

The ChemCycling trial forms part of Destination Zero – JLR’s project to make societies safer and healthier, and the environment cleaner.

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