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Amazon is getting into the leasing game, launching its new online ‘Motors’ store that allows customers to lease vehicles from a number of brands with free delivery to your door. 

The leasing package includes low monthly instalments, no initial deposit and 50km/30-day return policy. Leasing deals also include service and maintenance of the vehicle, as well as insurance and breakdown cover. 

To start with, Amazon is launching the website in Spain, expanding to more markets in the future. 

“We often experiment with new ideas and learn based on feedback we receive from customers. With Motors, we are focused on providing the low prices and convenience that customers expect from Amazon, while making the car leasing process as easy as possible”, said Raoul Heinze, Director, EU Automotive at Amazon. “Customers now can lease a car entirely online, without worrying about unplanned maintenance costs, tire changes, or registration. On Amazon, the price customers see is the total price they pay per month, no need to call for a quote. They just add fuel.”

Amazon is working with ALD Automotive’s online leasing platform where customers can complete the contract after they have picked and configured their selected vehicle. ALD Automotive will schedule free delivery of the car to the customer’s doorstep and manage the lease for the duration of the contract. Customers can simply exchange their current model and renew their contract for a new car every 3 to 4 years.

”We are excited to be launching this unique, fully digital car leasing offering on in Spain,” confirms John Saffrett, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at ALD. “As a leading international mobility provider, our goal is simply to deliver best-in-class leasing services that allow customers to enjoy the freedom of driving the car of their choice without the hassle of owning it.”

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