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Many of you will be unaware of the sheer scale and magnitude of the company that Mr. Masanori Yoshida, President of Aspark Co Ltd, has established in 2005 and presides over to now be one of Asia’s foremost providers of Automotive Engineering resource.

The Aspark OWL is the vision of President Yoshida, and the vision was to produce the world’s fastest electric high-level high-quality vehicle and to produce that vehicle in limited numbers to supply to exclusive clients around the globe.

Development of the vision started with an in-house test mule utilising Aspark’s engineering capabilities, normally directed and working with major automotive suppliers, their expertise was deployed to define the potential performance and set the benchmark for future targets.

The decision at Aspark to work on the development of a motorcar came from our desire to produce something exciting that had never been seen before.

Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 was targeted as the perfect time and place to launch the Project Aspark Owl concept car as the automotive world’s fastest accelerating EV. Demonstrating to the world for the first time, Aspark’s Engineers not only provided an insight into the concept of the world’s first sub 2*second 0-100kph performance but also the unique ultra-low profile low coefficient body design. The OWL is the supercar that has the lowest height.

Detailed feasibility studies were implemented and today, Aspark is developing a new version of OWL.

The Paris Motor Show 2018 marked an important milestone in the evolution of a vision in the Aspark Owl journey, just prior to the final specifications being announced and the realisation of a vision being materialised. Plans are now being finalised to ensure OWL production meets the demands of its discerning clientele and President Yoshida can start to consider the next step in the evolution of a parliament of Owls!

Aspark Engineers fully explored the key ways for achieving OWL’s major target 0-100kph in less than 2* seconds. As a result, we have done hundreds of simulations for exploring the best performance of OWL.

We built our second prototype car and in February 2018, Aspark engineers launched acceleration tests in Japan. All results were under 2* seconds and the best result was 1.89 * seconds.

After starting series production, Aspark Engineers fully concentrated on increasing the OWL performance, particularly acceleration performance, drive range, horsepower and other major performances.

For the Owl’s design concept, we focused on making conventional supercars look slow. As the traffic lights turn green, Owl kills its prey, as you rocket from stand still to 100km/h in less than 1.9 * seconds, your heart will race, welcome to the world of Owl.

In December 2018, Aspark signed an agreement with Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT) for the final development and manufacturing of the Aspark “OWL”.

We have selected Turin, a town that has a very long, successful history on automotive.

Mr Masanori Yoshida President of Aspark has added:
“I am very happy to bring this project to MAT and to Turin, where I am sure that we will confirm the exceptional results of the car and we will do a jump forward towards the production. The Owl for Aspark is the first stepping stone of a grander vision: It is our intention to continue to growth and to deliver exceptional products to our customers all over the world.”

The Owl is conceived, designed and engineered to be the fastest accelerating, fully electric, hypercar: the extreme shape of the design, the technological level of the components and the advanced studies on the materials will enable her to reach 0-100 kph in under 1,9*.

Aspark Co. Ltd will unveil the final production version of the OWL at Dubai International Motor Show in November 2019. The first car will be delivered to customers in April 2020.

There are two types of car design – correct design, and passionate design.

Expressed differently, logic and inspiration. 99.9% of cars on the world’s roads fall into the former category. Economical, safe and comfortable. Cars suitable for our age. But these cars don’t get your heart pounding.

We at Aspark are bringing something new to the table. We are injecting a fresh sense of surprise and excitement in today’s logic-governed world.

The first stage of our plan revolves around the Owl, our premium electric supercar. A simple and individually designed car, it offers unprecedented speed and beauty.

The Owl is not a car for everyone, only a select few can appreciate the true value of Owl.

When was the last time your heart raced and your excitement spiked while driving?

Owl is not just to break records, available to a select few to unleash on the worlds roads and utilising the latest in electric technology. Owl is a different experience, like nothing you can experience in any other cars.

Acceleration Performance
With 0-100km/h in under 1.9*second acceleration performance, the OWL will be the fastest production car.

Power Source
The Owl will use over 750v Lithium Ion battery pack with a drive range of over 300km and battery capacity will be minimum 50KW.

The Owl prototype has a 4wd powertrain configuration with two over 140kw electric motors at the front of the powertrain and two over 300kw motors at the rear. This gives a combined total power output of over 880Kw which has been optimised to propel the Owl from zero to 100Kph in less than 1.9* seconds. Horse power will be over 1150Nm.

An acceleration time of zero to 100Kph in less than 1.9* seconds cannot be achieved with just pure performance alone, control of that performance is key.

Achieving this target would be dependent on how we could effectively transfer the power to the road surface and prevent tyre slip. A torque vectoring control system with sensors constantly monitoring vehicle dynamics sends exactly the right amount of power to each of the four wheels.

Interior Design
The interior design also proved to be an interesting challenge for the Aspark Engineers. With an external roof height of just 99 centimetres and a very low ground clearance, the drivers position and car control was challenging but a unique seating solution ensures the criteria for OWLs interior has been met.

Varying interior finishes will be offered to support the Owl’s unique cabin area which includes Owl’s digital side mirror concept featuring dashboard monitors.

Exterior Design
The body is a lightweight carbon fibre composite tub construction and idea of the final design was coming originally by President Yoshida.

For OWL, beauty is a given just like the bird of prey.

Car design is subject to numerous limitations: aerodynamics, performance and styling are just a few of the considerations that Aspark Engineers considered in the body design of the Owl concept. The result, a car the likes of which the world has never seen. The design demonstrates the beauty of flowing curves. The doors open to produce a dynamic spread rather like an owl spreading its wings as it flies off in search of prey animals.

To help achieve our performance goals, the design team came up with an effective balance between weight and exterior surface quality.

Technical Specifications

0-100km/h : less than 1.9* s
Top Speed: over 280km/h
Drive Range : over 300km WLTP

Dry Weight : 1460kg
Length : 4791mm
Width : 1935mm
Height : 990mm
Wheelbase : 2750mm

Chassis : Carbon Fiber Monocoque
Body : Full CFRP
Brake Caliper Front : 6 Piston
Brake Caliper Rear : 4 Piston
Suspension : Front & Rear Double Wishbone
Two Seater

Motors : 4PMSM
Total Power: Over 880KW (over 1150 bhp)
Combined Motor Torque :885Nm

Battery Pack
Cells Type : Lithium Ion Battery
Capacity : over 50kwh
Fast Charging : Available
Voltage: over 750V

Driver AIDS
Driving Mode: Multiple ( Normal & Acceleration etc,.)
Climate Control Sytem: Heating & Air-Conditioning
F&R Axle Torque Vectoring

The final specifications will be presented at the Dubai International Motor Show, November 2019!

*Standing start, no rollout.



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