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A new Report by the European Parliament calls for stepped-up efforts to support, develop and regulate self-driving vehicles. The Report, authored by the EPP Group’s Wim van de Camp, calls for more support from programmes like Horizon Europe, more interoperability among those vehicles, and regulation of their use.

Regulatory framework, research, innovation, smart infrastructure: when it comes to autonomous transport, Europe has to intensify its efforts in order to become the world leader. This is what the European Parliament called for today in its adopted Report on self-driving vehicles.
“The developments around autonomous driving are going very fast. It is therefore important that the EU invests in research and innovation, especially if we want to take the lead in relation to our competitors such as the US, China and Japan”, said Wim van de Camp MEP, the EPP Group’s Spokesman for Transport and author of the initiative Report.
The Report stresses that the potential of automated vehicles is becoming increasingly apparent in the logistics sector, in public transport and also in other modes of transport. These are not only autonomous vessels in inland waterway transport and short-sea shipping, but also drones transporting goods and automated light rail systems such as in urban public transport.

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