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Mercedes has presented its Vision URBANETIC at this year’s CES, a concept and study that opens up new perspectives on autonomous driving and efficient transport of people and goods. The automaker is using this concept to cater for the needs of cities in the future, reducing traffic flow, relieving inner-city infrastructures and contributing to a new quality of life. In addition, it offers an outlook on the company’s future-oriented technologies for the interaction between human and machine.

The visionary concept is based on an autonomously driven, electrically-powered chassis, which can transport passengers or goods. As a fully-networked vehicle, Vision URBANETIC is part of an ecosystem in which commercial and private mobility wishes are transmitted digitally.

Mercedes says that it is working on solutions that focus on people’s freedom, decision-making authority and individuality. The goal here is to create a balance between people and technology.

Using various camera and sensor systems, the vehicle is able to communicate actively with its surroundings. Pedestrians who cross the street in front of it are informed by the large-format display in the front of the vehicle through special animations that they have been identified. A similar function is fulfilled by the digital shadowing that makes the side door area an active display. this is so pedestrians and cyclists can assess upcoming actions of the vehicle quickly and reliably.

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