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How are mobility and logistics changing as a result of digitisation and decarbonisation? More than 200 experts from the realms of business, science, politics and society will be speaking at a total of eight conferences as part of Hypermotion. 
Over 200 respected experts will be illuminating exciting topics related to the future of mobility and logistics in a series of conferences taking place over the course of the three-day Hypermotion event. A wide range of subjects will be covered, including the digitisation of transport systems and networking, future mobility concepts, bicycle transport and the electrification of transport, as well as sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s logistics.
Digitisation of transport systems
On 20 November 2018, a conference entitled ‘App meets reality’ in the Public Mobility Forum will be illuminating the manner in which digitisation is transforming public transport, as well as the basic services that must function if travellers are to view the environmental alliance as an attractive and modern part of public mobility.
The utilisation of data has a critical role to play in future mobility. On 21 November, Fraunhofer Mobility Infusion will be focusing on the form that the future of mobility will take and the role that data will play here, with a particular look at new business models and technological innovations. At the ‘Digital 4.0 meets business traveller 2.0’ conference being held on 21 November, the utilisation of artificial intelligence for business travellers will be the topic of discussion as speakers delve into the ways in which business mobility and solutions employing artificial intelligence, predictive analysis and the use of real-time information can increase the efficiency of business travellers.
Intelligent transport systems and services that allow for safe, secure, sustainable and clean mobility of the future while guiding the increasing digitisation of mobility are the theme of the ITS Congress on 20 and 21 November 2018. To this end, flagship projects from Germany and throughout Europe will be presented as elements of a digitisation roadmap.
Digital solutions will also be in the spotlight at the 6th ZEIT CONFERENCE on Logistics and Mobility on 22 November 2018 where experts will be participating in a panel discussion entitled ‘Entering the Page 2 Hypermotion  Frankfurt am Main, 20 to 22 November 2018 digital future together: How innovations in mobility and logistics are made possible’.
‘s=mc2 – Smart Mobility Conference + Communication’ is devoted to the digitisation of municipal transport systems. Here, the focus is on intelligent, environmentally-aware traffic management, the digitisation of local public  transport and accelerating the modal shift.
Networking in the field of local public transport will be on the agenda at ‘s=mc2 – Smart Mobility Conference + Communication’, where participants come to grips with a range of topics that includes the expansion of rail networks, needs-oriented, supplemental or autonomous mobility programmes, multimodal and intermodal mobility stations, and overarching parking and resident management.
New ideas and approaches to networked and sustainable mobility for business travellers and employees will be on offer at the ‘Digital 4.0 meets business traveller 2.0’ conference on 21 November.
Electrification of transport
Solutions and projects pertaining to subjects that include switching to ebuses in local public transport, implementing e-mobility concepts for motorised individual transport, e-fleet and e-mobility management, and promoting the use of e-vehicles for administrative, commercial and taxi use will be presented and discussed by representatives of cities and municipalities, transport associations and companies within the framework of ‘s=mc2 – Smart  Mobility Conference + Communication’ on 21 November. The options for the electrification of long-distance haulage and other climate-friendly alternatives will be discussed at the Logistics Digital Conference on 22 November.
Logistics services
The 6th ZEIT CONFERENCE on Logistics and Mobility being held on 22 November will be exploring the new era in personal and cargo transport, while ‘New silk road – new goods flows’ delves into the way in which logistics flows and locations develop, and what this means for the German transport industry.
Urban logistics, particularly the control (and reversal) of urban logistics activities, city logistics management and coordination and environmentally-aware truck and delivery fleet management will be put under the microscope at ‘s=mc2 – Smart Mobility Conference + Communication’ on 20 November. Here, representatives from cities, companies, transport firms and institutes will be presenting their projects.
Questions such as how digitisation, disruptive business models and the necessary culture change are impacting the supply chain are to be dealt with at ‘Exchange –The Supply Chainers’ Community’ on 20 and 21 November, while questions pertaining to artificial intelligence in the supply chain, cargo transport of the future, and start-ups in logistics and transport will be discussed by experts at the Logistics Digital Conference (LDC!) on 22 November 2018.
Future concepts – bicycle transport
Bicycle transport also has an important role to play in the development of future mobility concepts. Contemporary projects and solutions dealing with overarching bicycle transport plans, increasing the attractiveness of bicycle transport, vehicle funding and the promotion of dedicated and binding cycling infrastructure will be highlighted at ‘s=mc2 – Smart Mobility Conference + Communication’ on 21 November.
More than 200 experts – including visionaries, young entrepreneurs and established players from the fields of business, politics, science and society – will be speaking at these conferences.
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