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Selected primary schools are being offered a free electric vehicle chargepoint by manufacturer Pod Point as part of a campaign to spark excitement about electric vehicles (EVs) and the future of mobility.
Pod Point’s Electric Schools campaign aims to raise awareness of the many benefits of transitioning to EVs, not least in terms of how they can help fight air pollution – which has been described as a public health crisis – and climate change. The campaign also strives to inspire young learners on how EV technology will revolutionise the way we travel and use energy, by paving the way for driverless cars and energy management systems like vehicle to grid.
Under the Electric Schools campaign, 30 primary schools in highly polluted areas are being given the opportunity to claim a free Pod Point EV chargepoint, worth over £1,000 each. While the free chargepoint offer is currently limited to 30 primary schools, it could be rolled out further if there is clear demand. And, as part of the wider campaign, Pod Point’s in-house experts are visiting schools nationwide to introduce the technology and deliver guest speaker sessions on EVs.
All primary schools that want to introduce the topic of EVs can benefit from an educational toolkit that Pod Point has created as part of its Electric Schools campaign. The toolkit, which has been developed in line with Key Stage 2 curriculum guidelines, is packed with activities and resources for teachers and children, along with a factsheet for any parents that want to learn more about EVs.
Erik Fairbairn, Pod Point CEO and Founder, said: “With Electric Schools, we’re aiming to both improve local air quality for children and help educate the next generation on the importance of clean air and tackling climate change. We also want to make young people excited about EVs and how the technology has the potential to impact all of our lives.”
Electric Schools – Pod Point

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