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Urban populations are continuing to grow which is leading to increased traffic flow, congestion in city centers, an increase in CO2 emissions and a wave of road traffic accidents. In the short term, all of these consequences raise the question of how to manage urban mobility in smart cities as well as in other challenging areas, notably the first and last mile. By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will be concentrated in towns and cities.
A leading name worldwide in the autonomous vehicle market and in smart shared mobility solutions, NAVYA is the only “pure player” to commercialize a range of autonomous vehicles: AUTONOM® SHUTTLE and AUTONOM® CAB.
With 10 years of R&D under its belt, to date, NAVYA boasts the unique technological advantage of having manufactured more than 100 AUTONOM® SHUTTLES, 89 of which have already been sold in 17 countries (as of 30 June 2018). Moreover, the company stands out from the rest as the only player in the autonomous vehicle sector to master the entire value chain as it not only develops and manufactures but also provides a range of services.
NAVYA has conceived, developed and produced the AUTONOM range, an autonomous, shared and electric mobility solution to ease congestion in city centers and provide an answer to the demand for first and last mile service.
With AUTONOM® SHUTTLE, already in service throughout the world and the new AUTONOM® CAB mobility solution, NAVYA is releasing humankind from automobile dependency and providing human beings with a new type of autonomy.
Set to revolutionize mobility, AUTONOMS provide a new type of mobility service that is simple and fluid, boasting a multitude of totally new uses and functions.

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